We are currently in the process of relocating our print shop, frame shop and woodshop to the Olympic Peninsula in WA. Orders might be delayed. I will reach out with a turnaround time. Feel free to email with questions. Thank you for your patience during this time!

Kelli and Jason

Available Framed Prints

Welcome to the Framed Print Shop!
If you do not see the print or frame of your choice, please reach out to make an order.

All of the frames are handmade in-house. So much more than a means of preserving your print, these meticulously crafted frames are custom made from start to finish in our modest Portland, Or woodshop. The lumber for these frames is primarily locally sourced salvaged material. Through careful lumber selection, milling, sanding and finishing, we reveal the beauty hidden within the wood. Commonly acknowledged as a piece of art in their own right, our frames truly embody the ethos of the work they preserve. Head on over here to learn more about our custom framing!

For deliveries outside the US, please email me at kelliannemac@gmail.com.